How a Special Branch Spy Hid at City Mortuary to Steal JM Kariuki's Body

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It was the awk-eyed former Kisumu Town, Grace Onyango member of parliament who recognized a spy hoovering around the city mortuary donned in a white dust coat with a label on it pretending to be a mortuary attendant but had orchestrated plans to steal the lifeless body of James Mwangi Kariuki popularly known as JM Kariuki.

Onyango was amongst the stone faced group of MP who had trooped into the eminent City Mortuary to confirm the allegations that JM Kariuki had been found at the mortuary.

However, their anxiety to see their counterpart ran on high after they were blocked from gaining access to the mortuary. The white robed spy not in many words informed them that, "I am under instructions from above not to allow anyone into the mortuary."

What the spy had no glimpse about was that in the midst of the crowd was Kibera, the bold off-duty senior Superintendent of police whose orders he could never defy. They were then allowed to view the body.

“As we were busy watching the body of JM, with some of us inside and others outside, others behind the mortuary, we saw a Peugeot 404 Station Wagon with some women mourning and weeping. They were seriously weeping. They were on a mission to receive the body from the mortuary and then ferry it away in that vehicle,” Former Nakuru, Mark Mwithaga later testified.

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