3 Times You Should Never Leave The Side Of Your Woman

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Being there for your woman is very paramount because women tend to be more emotionally weaker than men, as a man you should always endeavor to be there for your woman at all times especially on some select occasions. Below are 3 times you should never leave the side of your woman:

1.) When she is bereaved: When your woman is bereaved you should always endeavor to be by her side at all times, you should always try to be by her side so that you would be her new found hope while comforting her.

2.) When she is sick: When your woman is sick always try as much as possible to be by her side so you could be her strength during such times, when you are around your woman when she is sick you could assist in reminding her about her taking her drugs, praying for her and helping her out in any other way that you can.

3.) When she is pregnant: As a man when your woman is pregnant always try to be her side at all times because believe you me it is not easy carrying a baby, as a man asides the fact that anything can happen at any time during pregnancy your presence gives her a sense of belonging and safety.

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