“Dear Ladies, Normalise Shooting Your Shot, No Doesn't Kill”- Aisha Yesufu Advises

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Political Analyst And Human Rights Activist Aisha Yesufu has just taken to her Twitter Handle to advise women as she shared the tweet of a married Indian lady who once decided to take a risk one and woo the man she has a crush on, and that man miraculously is her husband currently.

Aisha Yesufu captioned the tweet saying, "Dear Ladies, Normalise shooting your shots. "No" doesn't kill." This is a true statement in itself but it is not all women who have the courage to take the initiative to confess their love to man because they are always scared of rejection. Even the Indian lady said that she only took a big risk as whatever the outcome was, she would not never try it again but luckily for her it worked out.

Read the screenshot of Aisha Yesufu's tweet and the post of the woman in question below.

So what do you have to say about this article? Do you agree that women should be more bolder in declaring their feeling for a man?

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