"Cains Back In Schools?" See What CJ Martha Koome Reiterated On Recent School Children's Misconduct.

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Following on more indiscipline cases by Kenyan school Children, the Chief Justice of Kenya's supreme court Martha Koome has given out declarations that are aimed at instilling discipline to school children.

Since the time the ministry of education banned corporal punishment to children in Kenya, an increase of bad vices have been witnessed among students such as burning of schools, fighting teachers and even bullying of young teachers more especially female teachers by overgrown students/pupils.

The banning of corporal punishment has also declined children's academic performance country wide as students know that there is no punishment given to them even if they fail in their exams. This has rendered the children who had the potential to amend their future useless after failing in exams due to lack of close supervision from teachers and parents.

However, CJ Martha Koome has finally given her declarations to the Kenyans although it is abit bad news to students. CJ Koome said that no one will be allowed to sue any teacher or a school at large over punishing their pupils. This has therefore shown that the teachers have been given the mandate to punish the indisciplined students.

Hello Kenyans, do you support the return of cains in our schools?. If yes, kindly comment on the reasons as to why you support Koome's declarations.

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