Kenyans Angered By The Recent Announcement By The Government About Rise In Petroleum Prices


For an year and some days, Kenyans have been facing a hard time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, and as days goes by, the situation only continues to worsen.

Kenyans have experienced a rise in the standards of living and life has been extremely hard, especially to low in com earners in the country.

And now, new reports revealed on Wednesday 31st March have reported that Kenyans should brace for even tougher days. According to reports, the Petroleum CS Munyes has said that Kenyans should expect a rise in fuel prices for Kenyans in the expected EPRA review not mentioning when the move should be expected.

This is after Dennis Irumbi, who is a close ally to the deputy president William Ruto took to his twitter account, telling Kenyans to expect a rise in fuel prices in the next few weeks.

This comes as Petroleum and mining cabinet secretary John Munyes, while addressing a committee in parliament also revealed that Kenyans should expect a continued rise in petroleum prices for a couple of days.

The government has been claiming to help cussion Kenyans from the adverse effects of Covid-19 but Kenyans have seen the government to have failed in this.

The rise in fuel prices means a rise in the standards of living to Kenyans, from the ordinary Kenyan to the wealthy Kenyans.

This is not the first time the oil prices will be raising in the country, Kenyans have decried of the tough conditions they are going through amid this COVID-19 Pandemic.

How does this happen?

A rise in fuel prices means a rise in the rise of the transportation cost of goods and services from to and from the market.

For example, there will be a hiked fare which will heavily affect production.

It should also be remembered that many Kenyans have lost their jobs following the announcement by the president to lock five counties due to continued rise in Covid-19 cases.

Kenyans have now come out to call upon the president to reopen the country and the economy as a whole. They have claimed that the virus is here to stay and the 8pm-4am curfew imposed by the president will not help in curbing down the spread of the disease bur instead, will lead to more loss of jobs to many Kenyans.

A rise in fuel prices also means that the ordinary Kenyan who used to spend twenty shillings to commute to the place of work will end up spending up to one hundred shillings to cover the same distance.

This is a wrong move by the government and may cause more harm than good to the economy.

It can be remembered that Kenyans on Wednesday took to the streets to demand that the president should open the economy and enable Kenyans to carry out their daily work.

The angry Kenyans in the Nairobi CBD demanded the president to reopen the country with immediate effect. The youths decried of losing jobs and facing tough times as a result of Uhuru's measures to curb COVID-19.

Studies have shown that a rise in fuel prices has a negative impact to the economy and the lowering of fuel prices greatly boosts the economy.

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