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A part from professionally trained Heads of Schools and Institutions, there are other constitutionally backed bodies that help in the day-to-day administration of our educational institutions.

The universities have University Councils, the Senior High Schools boast of Board of Governors and the Basic Schools (Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High Schools) are ably supported by School Management Committees (SMC).

The government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service launched the Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP) this academic year. The GALOP initiative is seeking to resource over ten thousand (10,000) underprivileged schools in the country.

The selected GALOP schools are to have functioning School Management Committees. The SMC will monitor and control the use of GALOP funds in their respective schools.

Ghana Education Service has sent links to District Education Statistics Officers for forwarding to Heads of primary and junior high schools. Headteachers are required to furnish Ghana Education Service with information about the existence of school management committees in their schools.

They (Headteachers) have been given less than twenty-four (24)hours to submit these details. They are required to complete and resend the forms on or before Tuesday, 31st August, 2021.

Some of the key information required are the name of the school, level, status of the SMC, number of years the current SMC has been in existence and contact details of the Headteacher.

The composition of the the School Management Committee should include the representatives of the traditional authority, old students, unit committee and women.

Most people usually mistake the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to be the SMC. The key difference between the two bodies is that, School Management Committee is backed by the laws of the Republic of Ghana while the PTA is not backed by law. The SMC is the highest authority on the basic school organogram.

The PTA is also represented on the school management committee.

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