Opinion: Secondary School cultism is everywhere, the Akwa Ibom Government is right

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The government of Akwa Ibom State has ordered that children older than 12 years of age should no longer be granted admission into secondary schools in the state.

According to Ini Ememobong, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, the order is passed to limit the exposure of cultism in secondary schools. Because, most of the over-aged students in the secondary schools are in various cults, and are exposing and initiating the younger ones into different cult groups.

To be honest, this is something that is happening in all the secondary schools all over the country, except a few secondary schools situated in communities. Most students were initiated into cults right from their junior secondary school. I attended different secondary schools, but there was no difference. I saw how they forced their fellow students to join them. Only a few could resist their temptation, oppression, and all that escaped being a cultist.

This decision might not be fair to some individuals but if you were humiliated, oppressed, and robbed during your secondary school days, you would understand the need to protect these young ones, and always encourage your children never to join a cultist group because of oppression.

In my opinion, other states should do something about this cultism issue in secondary schools, because I strongly believe it's happening everywhere.

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