People left in shock after seen what boss did for her house helper.

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People left in shock after seen what employer did for her house assistant or home worker. People were not left in shock maybe because what she did was bad but nope, it was an awesome and wonderful thing.

A lady who's is an employer to one old African woman who works as house worker in their yard shared pictures of picnic in their yard with decorations and food.

What is good and touching is that, it was birthday surprise party for house worker organized by her and her family to show appreciation to their house assistants.

It is not everyday were one can find house workers being treated like this, and being appreciated by their bosses.

Our helpers really really are critical to our little careers. How could we even start to discuss career progression in the workplace without someone covering us at home. Especially for those of us who live alone and have the entire maintenance of our homes on our shoulders.

This party of humanity that people should copy and apply in their households so that helpers can also feel themselves as special and important. Each ans every person wants to be appreciated and that boost morals.

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