Vim Lady Accounts For The Reason Why She Took COVID- 19 Vaccines

The COVID- 19 vaccination campaign is on- going in the Greater Accra, Central and Ashanti Regions. UNICEF is supporting the Ghana Health Service with adequate cold chain storage for Vaccines, syringes and supplies for all centres and effective communication and community engagement.

However, since the arrival of the vaccines most Ghanaians are still having doubt not to take. They have been convinced that, WHO are coming to use the citizens of Ghana for experiment. The producers of the vaccine are not sufficiently convinced about the accuracy of the vaccine, so, they're coming to try it on us.

There's the possibility that Ghanaians who would be vaccinated could suffer serious side effects- complications which could lead to hormonal imbalance, genetic complication, paralysis, barreness, hallucination, blindness and even madness among others.

Afia Pokuaa aka Vim Lady, who took the vaccines within 24hours encourages her fans to take the shot.

Again, she accounts the reason why she vaccinated. She made this assertions in a Facebook post, she wrote; "24hours after taking the vaccine, I feel fine though I had a small fever and headache. Today I feel absolutely great with no fever or headache at all.

I took it because considering the many people I interview on a daily basis it is important to protect them from getting the virus from me. The good nurse told me about possible reaction before giving me the vaccine. I encourage you to get yours". She added.