See Photos Of Sandra George Who Died Of Ulcer Barely Two Month After Complaining Of Hunger


A beautiful lady named Sandra George died of ulcer just barely two months after complaining of hunger.

The lady who went on her Facebook page to tell people that if she later died it's because of hunger as she posted on her wall.

The beautiful lady posted on her page "if I die in this lockdown, no need for an lockdown. It's yam, red oil and garri with salt kill me".

It's saddening as the lady who died is a young lady and her death is saddening to hear. The death of Sandra George makes it known that people really in need of help in this country after the Federal Government restrict working due to the coronavirus.

Sandra George posted it on her wall on April 4th 2020 as the lockdown was too much to contain for her as she laments over hardship during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Her death is really saddening. She is such a beautiful lady! What a loss.

See her photos below

What a beautiful lady! It really saddening that she is dead.

May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.


Say a prayer for her 🙏