WARNING| The Lady who posted a Photo of Her Private Parts warns people to be aware of this

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Another thing that is annoying about online media is that someone can impersonate you and try to get people to like them. There are a lot of people who have been defrauded through online media with fake records that they didn't know about. To that end, it is important to make sure with someone over the phone before you do something you talked about through online media. When there are moving stories, people usually make up a fake record for the person who is moving. These people do this so that they can get a lot of people to follow them and do dirty things in someone else's name.

She sent out a warning to people after all that, so they know about fake records that were made in her name and people who are trying to scam people with them. Sisa Flatela has been using social media for the last few days. Following the posting of a picture of her genitals, Sisa Flatela began to move. From that point on, many people took advantage of the fact that her name would be the most searched for on the internet. They started making fake records.

Fake records have been set up by people who say they are selling more photos of their naked bodies. Thus, the re Sisa Flatela warned people not to fall for these kinds of scams. She even put up her most recent picture to show that this is her own record. See the tweet she made below.

To be sure, people are sharks. We live in a world where people do bad things for money, especially through online media. There are so many fake records that use pictures of beautiful young women to fool people. They know that men can't do anything about women, so they pretend to be someone else and ask for money. After she told them to be careful, many people said that they had been getting messages from people asking for money in exchange for naked pictures. See a small part of the comments below:

A crime like pretending to be someone else and using someone else's photos without their permission should be punished seriously. Many people are being snared by fake records that draw them to web-based media platforms. Web-based media should make it a point to ask for a person's character number before they open a record. This way, people who impersonate others can be found.

Source: https://twitter.com/sisaflatela/status/1483799916178817025?s=21

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