Watch Popular Iya Rainbow Showing Off Her Amazing Dancing Skills At A Party (VIDEO)

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Popular and Veteran actress, Idowu Phillips popularly known as Iya rainbow recently took to her social media (Instagram) to show her fans a piece of dancing skills at a party. Undoubtedly, the woman pulled out some amazing skills that will even beat any young lady out there if they competed. She must have been a good dancer in her youthful days.

In the video, Iya rainbow displayed off her dance steps as she passed the security personnel and ushers before dashing into the hall. The dance caught my eyes and the attention of her followers who marveled at her energetic level despite being a 78-year-old woman.

See the reactions below:

The septuagenarian on sharing the video on her Instagram page wrote, " Omo Ologo rainbow 500G with a few emojis.

Enjoy the weekend with her amazing dancing skills. In her case, age is just a number. I can't believe she was born on 16th October 1942 as she danced so vibrant.

Share your reactions to her dance steps.

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