Why Planes Can't Fly Over White House


Image Courtesy : White House

White House is one of the most secured building in the world. It is located in Washington DC in United States of America.It is home to President of United States of America. Its construction began in 1792 during era of U.S first President George Washington. Formerly it was known as Executive Mansion until President Roosevelt established ' White House ' as formal name.

The security is beyond imaginable limits.The security measures in in include ballistic windows. All windows in White House are made of bullet proof ballistic glass. Infrared sensors is another incredible security feature inside White House, the sensors are purposely use to expose the intruders. The sensors covers all White House's properties.

The are many other amazing security features but Missile defense system stands out to be the strongest . This is the defense system that render White House is skies to no - fly zones. Any plane flying through this zones risk getting shot down by missiles.

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