Sad: Lady Dies Instantly After Being Hit On A Bicycle By Long Vehicle At Osu Road- Video


The way cars are hitting people in our country is becoming to much. The country needs to has another strategy to help pedestrians safety bicycles on our roads.

Without a proper strategy on our road safety, cars will keep hitting people and the rate of accident will keep increasing that is why the road safety authorities must have another way to keep pedestrian safety by creating another way for motor and bicycle so that cars can have free space on the main roads.

According to a sad video on social media, a vehicle has hit a lady on a bicycle at Osu around Methodist road. According to information, the lady died instantly after she was hit by a long vehicle. In the video, people were spotted at the moment the incident happened but no one was able to sacrifice to take the lady to the hospitals since she died Instantly. This left Every one in a state of shock.

Like I said early on something must be done on your road to help pedestrians safety by the road authorities for all this disasters on our road to stop.

Please click on the link below to watch the video


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