RECIPE: A simple preparation of Nigerian salad

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Nigerian salad is one of the tastiest salad recipes you will ever come across. It is made with more than five vegetables that have been blended and enriched with baked beans and cream.

Notably, this salad isn't complete without baked beans and cream, trust me – everyone here knows. So, if you want to prepare the real Nigerian salad, make sure you have these two ingredients on board.

The main ingredients are lettuce and cabbage, however, they're accompanied by tomato, eggs, cucumber, baked beans, and sweet corn. All of these components make this salad affordable enough to feed a party, and it's also extremely versatile, as are most salads.

There are a couple of features that distinguish this salad, and one of them, in my opinion, is the dressing. As I have noted before the cream i.e the dressing is one feature you cannot leave out here.

Let me take you through a simple journey of how to fix up a salad treat at home.

You will need to note down these ingredients first.


·        Salad cream (Heinz).

·        1 cabbage (medium size).

·        2 cucumbers (medium size).

·        2 onion (medium size).

·        1 bulb lettuce.

·        4 eggs (hard-boiled).

·        sweet corn.

·        baked beans.

·        10 carrots.

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Now let me guide you through preparing this unique salad.


1.      The carrots should be peeled and grated. Using a sharp knife, shave the cabbage into thin shreds. Then the cucumber, lettuce, and onions should be peeled and sliced into small pieces. The hard-boiled eggs should be thinly sliced.

Proceed to wash them all and put them in separate bowls.

2.      Arrange the salad ingredients –in layers- in a separate bowl. Starting with the cabbage, then the carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, sweet corn, and baked beans.

The eggs should be saved for the top of the salad.

3.      Depending on the size of your dish, you can have two layers of each ingredient listed. Stack up and layer until all of your ingredients have been used up.

4.      Allow the salad to cool in the refrigerator, then proceed to dish it with Heinz salad cream, because no real Nigerian salad would be whole without it.

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Yes! It is that simple and concise. You can just decide to turn up at home and treat yourself to this nutritious meal.

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