Take A Look At What This Young Lady Posted That Is Causing Reactions Online (Full Photos)


Social media is where people showcase their talent, beauty, works and their daily routine. It allows you to publicize yourself, without leaving the corridor of your room. As a model, it is a way of showcasing your beauty.

Being a modelling requires posting more and more beautiful pictures of yourself to gain attention. But posting revealing photos is another way these young modelling are using to caught people's attention and in return, gain massively. 

In order to gain attention, see what this young lady identified Nadiya, posted that is causing reactions. Nadiya in her recent post on twitter posted a body revealing, and this doesn't go down well with her. People reacted negatively to the post because she's hiding behind beauty to reveal her body.

Check her post with the caption: The face - the body

Being beautiful is good but knowing how to handle it is another thing; going half way to prove your beauty is another word of low self esteem which i see rovers around this post. You don't need to go half way to prove a point.

Is it advisable to post something like this and what advice can you give this lady? See how people reacted to her post:

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