"I Will Only Cry Because Of Politics Only" Bahati Replies To The Romours That His Wife Is Pregnant

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Being in the spotlight entails having your life scrutinized and judged by others. Bahati and Diana have received their fair share of internet love, hate, and judgement, but they have never given in. The couple has four children: two are Diana Marua's biological children, one is Bahati's with another woman, and one is adopted.

They show love to all children equally by providing for and caring for them. Mueni, Bahati's daughter, has the luxury of having two homes and two mummies, which she adores. Netizens have been speculating for months that Diana is pregnant with her third child. This follows her noticing her tummy was larger than usual and avoiding certain photographic angles.

Throughout this time, she has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors' veracity. She once told them that if it is true, there is no problem because children are blessings. This question was never posed to Bahati until his event, 'Bahati and Friends Party.' He explained that he was wondering if anyone had gone into their bedroom to confirm their suspicions.

He then walked away from the media, saying that they would go for a pregnancy test because he had no idea such a thing was happening. He amused Diana by saying, "Babe uko na ball na huniambii tutaenda Komarock Modern tupime."

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