"I Sympathize With Him" -Thabo Mbeki Reacts To Farmgate Heist

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It's every President's job to transform his governing party. The process inevitably causes grief and loss for many because it entails downsizing, cost-cutting, and discarding jobs that don't add value. Enemies are the breakfast of every leader, especially of a corrupt government.

However, this has not been simple for President Cyril Ramaphosa who has been prone to different scandals while trying to combat corruption. The robbery at his private farm painted him as a corrupt leader, and he has a hard job of proving otherwise.

Speaking to the press about the heist at Ramaphosa's farm, former President Thabo Mbeki said that he sympathizes with Ramaphosa mainly because of the decision he took to allow the law to investigate the robbery at his farm. However, Mbeki believes that the Hawks must hurry up in its investigation so the country can get the answers that it seeks.


He added that the law must take its course because the answers to the questions that the masses have will only be revealed through a successful investigation.


Right now, Ramaphosa has to roll with the punches while he awaits the outcome of the Hawks' investigation. If he does not want his legacy to go to the gutters, then he has to come clean about the robbery and give the masses the answers that they seek. Failure to do so will mean that he has failed the leadership test and betrayed his oath of office.

Yes, the law must take its course, but the President must at least tell the masses why he, as a Member of Parliament, does other work for income because the Executive Ethics Code prohibits remuneration outside public duties. 

Based on this section of the country's law, the President should be tendering his resignation without further delay. Or at least step aside as per the step aside resolution.

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