5 Foods Which Are Healthier Than You Think According To Experts

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There are a lot of foods that people completely exclude from their diets, because of mere misconceptions. A very prominent reason behind this is we don’t trust what we have been hearing from our elders (who used to be much healthier than us), but we trust people who somewhere somehow decides to write a blog or upload a video saying something based on their personal experience.

Below are some foods that are healthier than you think according health experts.

Milk Products. Milk products are rich in Carbohydrates and Fats and this is the reason why a lot people exclude dairy products from their diet. However the fact is, milk products are a very rich source of good quality protein, calcium, CLA, phosphorous, Vitamin B12 and various other vitamins too. Low fat milk and milk products (when taken in small quantity in 3-4 servings a day) are good for fat loss as well as overall well being.

Secondly, people think eating mangoes and bananas is a crime specially for diabetics. Whereas bananas are very good for joints, skin, immunity, increasing hemoglobin as they are a very good source of iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, B6. Mangoes too are good for digestion and bone health. Now here again, you need to check the quantity that you are consuming, its’s good to have them in small quantities. Even a person who is diabetic, has controlled sugars and loves mangoes or bananas can have half a banana or 2 slices of mangoes preferably in the morning time occasionally.

Rice. Do not omit rice from your diet, rather have them in controlled serving. Rice is loaded with a lot of nutrients which includes magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, iron, folic acid, thiamine and niacin. Just do not consume any cereal in large quantity in one meal, it should be divided in different servings.

Soyabean. Most males think that having soy protein at all in their diet, adversely affect their testosterone levels. However the fact is taking soy protein exclusively as a supplement soyabean in abnormally high amounts on regular basis reduces the testosterone levels.

Coconut Oil. Coconut and coconut oil has been a part of our tradition since long. They are rich in fats, but the kind of fats they have are good for your heart, skin, immunity and overall health when consumed as per recommended dosage. Many researches show that having 5 g of extra virgin coconut oil or having small piece of coconut a day is extremely beneficial for overall well being.

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