Check out the basic tips on how to crush a virtual interview in 2021


Generally, interviews can seem very hard, but virtual interviews on the other hand seem even more difficult. This is because you have to try and make a connection as if you were there in person. In this article, there are tips on how to be successful in a virtual interview and how you can appear confident and warm and well beyond your competition.

Pick the Location: No one wants to invite anyone into a messy bedroom or an untidy kitchen. What you want the interviewer to see is a neat and tidy environment. It is advisable to always pick a place with a neutral background.

Your Setup: This is very important even though it seems very simple. The first thing you should consider is the Computer. It is always better to use a computer for a job interview rather than a phone. This is because a phone is very unpredictable, for instance, a message or call might pop up which will distract you from the interviewer. Also, when using the computer, be sure to place it on top of some books, just so you don’t have to look down. Looking down creates the impression that you are looking down on the interviewer, soothing that should be avoided at all costs.

Test your Equipment: Someone once said, "if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail". It doesn't matter the materials or equipment you plan on using, just make sure they all work well. Do not wait until the interview to be sure if your camera, speakers, headsets or phone is working. This can be detrimental.

Notifications: Nothing can get you more upset than notifications when you don’t need them. If you are using a phone, it’s advisable to use WIFI and also activate airplane mode. In doing this, you automatically stop incoming calls and messages, therefore allowing you to focus on your interview.

Backup Notifications: It’s no secret how incredibly unpredictable technological devices can be. Whatever device you choose might break down at the time of the interview. It is therefore important to have a backup device – it could be a phone, tablet, or another computer

Background: Ensure that your background is as tidy as possible. Do not stand in front of your wardrobe, even if you do then make sure it is closed the whole time. Standing in front of a door is also not a bad idea; just make sure the door is locked. Ensure, the house is as quiet as possible. Ensure your roommates stay away from you as the interview goes on. Also, it is advisable to close your windows to avoid external sounds.

Lighting: Do not have your interview in a dark room – you are not acting in a horror movie. It is important to keep a light in front of you; it could be a reading lamb. If there’s a light above you, make sure it reflects well on your face. You could even sit in front of a closed window for natural light. Also, a ring light is recommended. Some of them are actually not very expensive.

Clothing: Avoid clothing with patterns and different colours or colours that match your background. Consider a solid and contrasting colour as well.

Water bottle: This is necessary because your voice might get hoarse along the way. You can take a tip and continue with your interview. This also shows the interviewer that you came prepared for the interview – it creates a good impression

Appearing Self-confident: This makes the hiring manager feel more connected to you. Try to smile more, this makes you come off as friendly- everyone likes a friendly person. Look into the camera lens instead of the screen.