"My Entire Family Told Me About His Genuine Love, But Whenever He Reaches Out To Me I Block Him -Lady


You all must have guessed my favorite topic of discussion by now!! Right? Well it's none other than love stories ,Love has always been my favorite and am sure it's yours too.

The most beautiful things comes to us ,when we open up our hearts , sometimes,the very areas where we pay the least attention to could might just end up being where we find our happiness.

Today we are witnessing another love story like no other,with Keli and Andrian .

Adrian ,who happens to be a friend to Keli's brother had long tried to get her attention to no avail,however she was trying to focus on her studies and other things ,Then Keli's brother who saw the genuineness of Adrian's feelings stepped in and set up a meeting,and thanks to simple decision,off course Adrian's persistence,a beautiful love story was born and now they are set on a journey of forever. Read the story as narrated by the bride;

And these are some of their beautiful and alluring pictures.

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