"They Looked Down On Me" HuddahMonroe Opens Up On How Nameless And Wahu Did Not Value Her As A Vixen

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Meet the baddest Socialite in Kenya, Huddah Monroe. She is not only stunning but gorgeous too. She is a celebrity, media personality, influencer, video vixen, business woman, content creator for tiktok and a fashionista. Huddah Monroe owns her own brand of beauty cosmetics called Star Girl as well as Huddah. She has had her own share of scandals as a celebrity as she is the type who speaks her mind and is confident and bold about it.Earlier on today, Huddah went ahead to open up to her fans of how her life was before she rose to fame and became the successful career woman she is today. Being a video vixen, she once decided to feature in one of Nameless and wahu songs back in the day but they looked down on her saying she was not good enough. Netizens went ahead to praise Huddah Online for not allowing critics to destroy her back then as others went ahead to troll her online below.

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