"I Have Never Been Married" Victor Of Maria Talks About His These Two Children


Ronald Ndubi better known as Victor because of his acting in the citizen TV drama Maria, and this is where he really became famous.

Lately him and fellow actress Dorea Chege also known as Maggie of Maria who both acted in the program have gone public about their relationship.

Just the other day he went on an interview and said that people should wait for the wedding bells because their relationship is so serious.

However, this has really brought alot of reactions as bloggers have been calling him claiming that he is in a relationship with Maggie while he abandoned his 2 children and wife.

He went on his recent post and clarified the issue by saying that the pictures making rounds online those are not his children he was just shooting an advertisement as the father of the children. As now he saw the need to clarify the issue.

Looks like his relationship now is serious with Maggie and he wants to make things right and no rumors about him anymore.

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