Russian companies in trouble as Colonel Doumbouya gave fresh orders - Reports

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Be careful young soldier. Be Wise and smart and do not believe in them. Know that they all love the African Continent but not its people because of our natural resources according to critics.

According to sources with the knowledge of information, mining companies operating in Guinea are hereby decreed to process bauxite locally instead of exporting raw at a cheap price.

The order which went into effect this week affects largely Russian Multinational mining companies notable among them Rus Metal.

According to diplomatic sources, the Russian Ambassador in Guinea pleaded for more time on behalf of Russian companies to operationalize the new directives.

The Kremlin has not commented on the new targeted policies that affect the Russian companies.

Moscow is one of the handful of international players to have recognized the government of Colonel Doumbouya after the successful coup.

But it is now under pressure to embrace the wind of change in Guinea which appears not business as usual.

Source: Eng Prof

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