Good Or Bad: 5 Common Instant Money Rituals People Fall For.


Wealth is a good thing but earning it at the right way is the best choice. Even though is not easy by using the right path, but when you refuse the right path is a suicidal.

Times have really changed, hard work and diligence are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to achieving success. This struggle has created mystic avenues that many Ghanaians are taking advantage of in order to accrue instant wealth. Money rituals in Ghana has become populous with even posters erected all around the city and towns.

Instant money rituals in Ghana are rampantly gaining fame with many Ghanaians turning it into a lucrative business. The craze does not stop here, we have heard of free money rituals in Ghana. Where it’s absolutely free, but once the ‘voodoo’ works you are required to return a hand of ‘gratitude’ to the maker. Remember, the is no free meal under this planet.

Many Ghanaians have been duped and fallen for this money rituals in Ghana carried out by self-confessed ‘mallams’, now mostly showing themselves on television. Here is some of the common rituals that have been used to rob Ghanaians blindly of their fortunes unknowingly. Some of the rituals paint a graphic picture since it involves mystic and devious methods that are quite unheard of.

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