Tanzanian Socialite and Entrepreneur Jesca Wilfredy Opens Up On How Popularity Has Changed Her Life


Renowned Tanzanian Socialite and Entrepreneur Jesca Wilfredy whose full name goes by Jesca Wilfredy Macha has now opened up on how popularity has made her get the real meaning of taste of life.

Speaking to a Tanzanian media outlet at a recent interview, Jesca who was born and raised in Arusha revealed how she is reaping the fortunes of her vast rising social media network.

The 24-year-old socialite who now joins the coveted list of Young Women Entreprenuers in Tanzania divulged the secrets to her glowing clothing business.For starters, Jesca Wilfredy is the founder and owner of Dar Es Salaam based Black Chagga Fashion retail which deals with men's and women's clothing.

According to Jesca, her popularity in the internet has played a key role in marketing her Black Chagga Fashion, thanks to technology.She said this however, noting that despite a number of entreprenuers using their social media command to improve their business,a good number have not perfected the art.

''My online presence has played a key role in growing my clothing and footwear business which I operate in Dar Es Salaam. I had to think outside the box and use my social profile to develop my hustle.

''I think it is now time that those who enjoy huge following in social media use the influence to bring positive developments in the society,'' Jesca said while adding that it was not easy to convert her followers into customers and at the same time move on with other normal life activities.

Jesca's journey of entrepreneurship has touched many, especially young women who aspire to be entrepreneurs. Despite using her popularity to grow her business,she has revealed that it has not been an easy task setting her business in the city.

''It is about being patient, nothing comes that easy. At first, I thought setting up a business was easy. Many challenges have come and this has made me to be more resilient and get moving forward.

''Fame has a lot of challenges because everyone treats you with what they see on social network and others even despise you when you do developmental things,''Jesca said.

Maintaining her private and public life has also been one of the challenges she has faced.

She further added that she intends to expand her business outside the city to other parts of the country since some of her social media followers are making several orders.

Jesca also used the moment to urge, especially women who yearn for fame to ensure that their popularity be centered in bringing positive changes in the society and one's life.

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