Ugly Scene Witnessed as a Group of Boys Attacked and Badly Injured a Teacher as He Was Heading Home

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Cases of students indiscipline has increased in the near past. The unruly students are the most dangerous in that they cant be told what to do since they are always harmed. With the inception of the new rules and regulations students have freedom more than teachers.

A scenario happened in Nandi county, where several students attacked a teacher while going home after delivering his content. The teacher is believed to be a strict fellow who doesnt condone the bad behaviour in school. On the fateful day, he was on his way to home when he was ambushed by his students.

The students of Maraba Secondary in Aldai constituency, reigned on the teacher mercilessly injuring his body bones. The incident come barely a month since a female teacher was also attacked on the same issue. The rising cases of students indiscipline has seen the entry of drug and substance abuse. Many students now, use the drugs in that government values students more than teachers.

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