My Experience With The Opera News Community


I've been a member of the Opera News family for almost a year now, and it has been a family, I'm very proud to belong to.

Opera News have not only helped in uplifting me financially, but have developed me in my chosen career as a writer, in so many ways.

Before I look at the financial benefits of Opera News, let me talk about how Opera News have impacted my writing career.

I'm a published writer, with several novels I've self published, either on Amazon Kindle publishing, or on Dreame Publishing. I'll say I've been writing from my secondary school days.

I have also written for several platforms before now, either as a freelance writer, or columnist. 

But writing for Opera News have since this past year, helped me develop myself extensively, as well as helped me to understand many areas I had probably failed in the past.

Opera News helped me organize my presentation of facts, as well as my style of writing, making me become more professional and acceptable to my readers.

I didn't understand how to use punctuation marks that much, until I started writing for Opera News. 

In the past for instance, I could write a very long sentence of so many words, without putting a comma.

Working for Opera News, and having my article rejected for those reasons, helped me understand how to use those punctuation marks, and it has helped make me a better writer.

Writing for Opera News, have also developed my ability to create ideas, and develop them. It helped me start blogging, and doing very well at it, and helped make me realize the need to scrutinize my information properly, before publishing.

Financially, Opera News have given me something to look forward to monthly, as an encouragement for my hard work.

Several upcoming bloggers like myself, who cannot make up to $100 monthly from Google Adsense, find Opera News a a lifeline, as we are guaranteed of plum payments on a monthly basis, encouraging you to do better and develop yourself.

I also know some people who write for other platforms, and I have heard confessions from them, after I introduced them to Opera News, admitting that Opera News has no rival.

As a source for News and information, you can always be sure of anything you read on Opera News as the undiluted truth, as Opera News have painstakingly ensured that fake news is not allowed on their platform.

Opera News have proven to be an organized reading environment, where click baits, as well as captions that don't tells the content of the story, aee frowned at, and blocked. That way, readers are not confused by false captions, and they enjoy a good reading experience with Opera News.

Generally, Opera News have changed my life. It has developed and empowered me in so many ways. I'm proud of being a member of this wonderful community, this family.