We Ate The Osu Dead Fishes; Nothing Happened - Woman Reveals


“So honestly my family and I ate some of the fish and nothing has happened to us. We had some small ones and we fried it and then these bigger ones.”

She added, “So when the children brought it, we removed its scales and chopped it. The fish was healthy. That Sunday we used it for palm nut soup.

Woman revealed how healthy and testy the fish that dead at the Osu Castle shore was. Even people took some to the market and sell. "Woman revealed in an exclusive interview"

I don't think there's anything wrong with the fishes , they're heathy so we have chopped it."She added"

The Fisheries Minister Honorable Mavis Has Komson and some investigation institutions has advised those who have consumed these fishes to come forward even as authorities try to unravel the circumstances leading to the death of these fishes.

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