Why we should plant more trees and nature our environment at all cost


As we all know,trees are food for human beings and animal kingdom. we all depends on tree's for breathing.

We should preserve and protect them at all cost. But through my observation,i have noticed that

we human beings

We are destroying our environment ,each and every single day .By cutting more trees , than we are planting ,hence risking our own life.

100 years ago,Life was more better than right now . You may disagree ,due to the level of technology rising ,but we are still further behind than our ancestors.

We have to come to realization that ,for a better productive life.

Both nature of us and environment must be balanced.

AND failure to that , we are risking our own life's and also creating crises in Animals kingdom.

But humans are continuing developing more industrialization and technology. Forgetting they are destroying their own life ,through pollution.

Now let start creating awareness of self,

start mothering our environment,by planting more trees.

And practicing gratitude towards them. And world will start healing from now, you see this post to the year's to come.

Thank you

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