TeenagePregnancy: Zanele's Family Was Highly Disrespected

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Moja Love's new docuseries, 'Teenage Pregnancy', follows three soon-to-be moms and tackles issues around family, friends, religion and more. Moja Love dives into teenage pregnancy in its new docu-series, Teenage Pregnancy, which premiered on Tuesday 1 February and follows three soon-to-be teen moms.02 Feb 2022

Zanele is one of the teenagers who are on the show, and has given birth to a baby girl. Zanele was introduced to viewers as a pregnant teenager who was impregnated by her guy friend, Smanga, over a one night stand. They both had their own partners, but Zanele is the only one who had to give up her relationship with her boyfriend.

When her family went to report the pregnancy into her guy friend's home. The family acknowledged knowing her, but as a friend. They then requested for DNA tests even though their son was saying the baby is his. Some viewers were not happy with the fact that the family was requesting for DNA tests.

On tonight's episode, the results came back, and it proved that Smanga is the father. Zanele's mother and Zanele were the ones who had taken the results to the guy's home. Her mother told the family that she felt disrespected by the family for asking the DNA, as it insinuated that her daughter was sleeping around. 

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