Ghanaians React After Kevin Taylor Boldly Said This About NPP’s Yaw Buaben- Read Details


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The outspoken and popularly known Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Kevin Taylor has caused massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms after his recent comment about the NPP’s Yaw Buaben finally popped up online.

Kelvin Taylor took the privilege to react to Yaw Buaben’s recent claim that the NPP government needed more than 8 years in order to fix the country as the outspoken broadcaster journalist boldly stated that, the NPP had no future whilst adding that, the incumbent government have caused more damage to the country.

“The ordinary follower of the NPP is not aware of the damage these bunch of NPP leadership has done to the party till they go to Opposition. Every NPP person against Kevin Taylor now will become a Friend’ when their party is out of power”, Kevin Taylor emphatically stated.

In conclusion, Kevin Taylor unexpected revealed unexpected secret whilst emphatically stating that “If you have people like Yaw a Buaben leading you, your party has no future”.

Upon Kevin Taylor’s recent post popped up online, lots of Ghanaians took the privilege to share their immense concerns whilst massively reacting to the unexpected claims by zags outspoken journalist.

Below is a look at some of the comments that came through as individuals shared their respective opinions and thoughts on the alarming issue.

From the above comments, we can clearly notice that most people shared their respective opinions on Kevin Taylor’s recent comment even though most NPP supporters disagreed with the outspoken journalist.

Do you think the NPP government has no future in Ghana’s democracy considering the damage the incumbent government has done to the country as claimed by Kevin Taylor?

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