Bad News To Kenyans as The New Price of Petroleum is Revealed

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Despite the government intervention to reduce the cost of petroleum through retaining the fuel subsidy, Kenyans should expect increase of ksh 5.50 in retail cost of the petroleum.

Following this, now the price of super petrol will cost ksh 150 per one liter from initial cost which was ksh 144, on other hand they should expect diesel to cost ksh 131 per litre from initial price ksh 125. kerosene will rise from ksh 113 to ksh 118 in various cities.

Kenyans should expect increase in cost of living as Diesel is heavily used not only in transport sector but also most industries manufacturing commodities depends on these essential commodities.

This report comes when there was reported shortage of petroleum in the country which led to increase of transportation cost of not only passengers but also goods and services. Kenyans now should expect high cost of living as the price of commodities will rise more that current price.

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