Uproar As Kithure Kindiki Reveals Who Between Raila And Ruto Will Win The Presidential Elections

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Tharaka Nithi County Senator, Hon Kindiki Kithure have caused an online uproar after he revealed who between the former prime minister Raila Odinga and the current deputy president William Ruto will win the 2022 presidential elections.

Senator Kindiki used his official Facebook timeline to express his views on the expected elections outcome, where he attracted a lot of reactions from netizens.

"It is clear who the Jubilee and ODM will front as the State candidate for the Presidency. The so called OKA will field theirs separately . In the unlikely event of no clear winner with 50+1 in the first round, they will gang up to support Tinga to try and stop William Ruto. However, it is already too late. William Ruto will beat them in the first round and in the unlikely event of a re-run he will still beat them hands down," Kithure Kindiki posted on Facebook.

The former senate deputy speaker has been a key supporter of the deputy president William Ruto after his role in the Senate was scrapped off due to the Jubilee party internal feuds.

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