WAEC BECE and WASSCE Grading a 30% of Continuous Assessment?


WAEC BECE and WASSCE Grading a 30% of Continuous Assessment?

The Ministry of Education as a matter of policy expect each teacher to do take the following responsibilities in school:

At the end of Junior High School and Senior High School, teachers prepare prepare continuous assessment for WAEC, a student who perform well in the school is likely to get better grades from the BECE or the WASSCE.

The teacher should give class assignments/exercises fortnightly and record the scores of four of them with a minimum score of ten each.

Teachers are to conduct tests in a term with a subtotal of forty and give pupils at least four projects/homework in a term with a subtotal of twenty.

The three assessments give a total of 100, which is scaled down to thirty percent as the internal mark for each pupil.

At the end of the Junior and Senior High Schools, all the scores a pupil obtains are scaled to 30% and forwarded to the WAEC where 70% obtained for external assessment.

WAEC uses the CS to grade the BECE and WASSCE results, WAEC exams is seventy percent whiles Continuous Assessment is thirty percent. 

For the policy to be successful, teachers are expected to perform the following roles:

The teacher must accept the philosophy of continuous assessment. He must be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that continuous assessment is a better form of students' academic attainment than the traditional summative system. 

The teacher needs to be knowledgeable about continuous assessment, He must know the characteristics of continuous assessment, the strengths and weaknesses of the system as a procedure for assessing students' knowledge, attitude and manipulative skills. He must clearly understand and accept his roles and responsibilities as outlined by the program and wiling to contribute to it's successful implementation.

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