Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC Caught In Covid-19 Money Scandle

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Date: 07/06/20

The country of South Africa has now been on lock down for over 70 days. The county's economy has plummeted to a point it has never been before since its inception.

People have been out of work since the first hard level 5 lockdown was declared and all their hopes lie on the 500 billion rands the government promised it would use to relieve any inconvenience caused by the virus.

The president announced this 500 billion as a Social Relief Fund. Its main aim was to help out businesses that were going to be set back by the lockdown, support social development in buying food parcel and also increase on the Sassa grants.

The break down of the funds was not clear enough to the citizens. Most of the ones who had applied for UIF since they were not employed got very little.

The department of Social development which its sole purpose was to distribute food parcels to all poor South Africans and also tend to the R350 unemployment grant that was to pay the unemployed has not done its work.

All of this has made the distribution of the funds very scandalous. The president is caught up in the middle of this because he was part of the first announcement of these funds and he is not saying anything about their misplacement.

Food parcels distribution has been handled with the greatest unprofessionalism. The members of the ANC themselves were found in possession of these parcels.

A counselor in the Pretoria was found selling food parcels for R50 to the needy. He never intended on distributing them to the public as per the instructions.

Another counselor in Nelspruit was recorded having the food parcel truck come and deliver the parcels at his private home. The same parcels that are meant for the poor South African citizens.

The story of the R350 is a very deep one. The ANC government released a statement saying that every unemployed South African who is above 18 and not getting any sort of grant from the government will receive the money.

About 5 million South Africans applied for the grant when the applications opened on Monday 11 May 2020. It is now 7 June and millions still haven't even been replied to.

The 1st day of payments was suppose to be on the 15th of May for all applicants. The day came and no one received the money. By the 31 May, the minister of social development Lindiwe Zulu announced to the media that so far 10 people were paid.

These 10 people that were said to be paid were nowhere to be found. Around the start of June, a few people reported getting their money and last week. Sassa CEO Busisiwe Mamela said they had paid 100 000 applicants.

The numbers just do not add up. Out of millions of applications, after more than 70 days since the start of the lockdown and the 500 billion fund was announced, only 100 000 were paid?

The ANC has been caught multiple times with their hands in the cookie jar. Many scandles and money being stolen or gone missing has been reported.

What happened to all of the 500 billion that was allocated to the social relief fund pocket? Why hasn't the minister of finance come out and addressed the nation with regards of how the money has been spent so far?

Is Cyril Ramaphosa part of all this scandals as he has been very quiet about the whole matter ?What are your thoughts on the matter?

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