It is So Embarrassing; Achimota School Should Accept Their Mistake And Apologize - Martin Kpebu


A private Legal Practitioner, Martin Kpebu has labeled the actions of the Achimota School concerning the Rastafarian students as embarrassing and that, they should accept that they've made a mistake and apologize to Ghanaians.

The Legal Practitioner made this statement as a panelist on 'THE KEY POINTS' program on TV3 today when he was taking a bite of the admission brouhaha of the students with dreadlocks at the Achimota School.

"Just as Lawyers, we make mistakes in court all the time. So, Achimota School should just accept that they've made a mistake.

They should come out and apologize for it. We shouldn't have wasted all this precious time on this argument here and there." - he said

According to him, everybody makes mistakes and sometimes, Doctors even makes mistakes and patient die.

He said that they've made a mistake in their revised rules, they should just say that; okay we've made a mistake, we will go back and look at it.