Ada Jesus Is Gradually Recovering, See Her Recent Photo And The Expenses Spent On Her Treatment


Health is wealth, that is why it is important to always take good care of yourself. Because there are some illness that if you don't have money to treat yourself, you may not make it alive. Bringing us to the fact that the man that is taking care of Ada Jesus with the name Harrison_gwamnishu. He took to his social media account to post Ada Jesus recent photo and comparing it to her old picture. Link

You don't need anyone to tell you that she is recovering and with time by the Grace of God, she will be able to walk on her feet again. The screenshot below is the expenses already spent on her both from the transportation from Owerri to Onitsha, and from Asaba to Abuja Zenith hospital. Everything they have spend already is N635,000. With the remaining balance of N1,365,000.00. Out of the 2 million naira Dr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, gave for her treatment. Link

On seeing the amount her treatment has already incurred, you will agree with me that health is wealth. But we thank God that people are supporting her and God will bless everyone that took it upon themselves to help her. Looking at her recent photo, she is definitely recovering, her body is not swollen anymore compared to her old picture and her face looks a little bit okey now. 

Please continue to pray for her, so that she will recover completely.