Don't Let Poverty Stress You.


We do not have money so we cannot advise? We are poor so we cannot see quality? Because of our situation, we cannot know about latest luxuries? Yes, we are not rich but we have to know and see some of what they enjoy, if not all. Even if we do not get rich, we keep them as a memory.

We cannot drive latest cars because the companies do not accept only ID. Until they start accepting or we get the money, let us enjoy the view. Some girls will not accept us because we have tall pockets, but still we will admire their beauty and shape. Sometimes, act like a rich man to know how it feels to be one. Go to malls and ask for prices of expensive goods. It is not compulsory to buy. Do not let poverty stress you at all.

Knowledge is power so if you do not have money to buy it, know how to. If you don't ever get rich, you use it as a guide for your kids.

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