"I Moved From A Cleaner To A Restaurant Director. Jalango Changed My Life Completely." Joab stated.

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Joab Okeya from Nairobi believes that he is an inspiration to upcoming businesses people as he narrated how he moved from a cleaner in a restaurant to Hotel Owner. He stated that he aproached Felix Jalango who is a businessman and a comedian, he not only gave him money to start the restaurant but also empowered him as a person.

According to Joab he was born in Kisumu on a family of nine children. His parents took him through school until he completed his secondary education. After school his father adviced him to go to Nairobi and find employment

He stayed that he travelled to Nairobi and started living his aunt. After a few weeks he was introduced to selling vegetables by his aunt and he managed to save some money. He used it to build her parents a house since their's was already in a bad shape.

He claimed that he got a job at a restaurant where he was employed as a cleaner. He worked so hard that he was promoted to a steward. As he worked as a steward he learned how to cook special Kenyan foods from the head chef who had developed an interest in his work.

He stated that after some time he was promoted to a chef where he was trained how to cook all types of Kenyan meals. He worked hard and found favour from his employer. However after a disagreement with his manager he was fired without notice.

He claimed that he stayed for months without work until one day when he got a job at another restaurant as a chef. There is where he met the popular comedian Jalango who loved his food. They became friends and after some time he resigned form the restaurant due to poor pay.

I knew I deserved better than that and I took a bigger risk and I resigned." Joab said.

He stated that after two months of being jobless he contacted Jalango and told him about a business idea. He informed him that he had that ability to start and manage a restaurant and he didn't have money. Luckily Jalango offered to give him the money buy also partnership.

According to him they build the restaurant from scratch and Joab was trusted with the funds. Jalango's wife namely Amina also helped him out with the interior design and decoration. He stated that the restaurant is now on its feet and he is one of the Directors.

Jalango and his wife Amina.

He has adviced people to be patient and allow God's purpose to take shape in their lives. He believes that Patience and hard work pays, and no good deed is left unappreciated.

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