Juventus collide with Porto in 10 men

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Juventus were knocked out of the Champions League after failing to beat the 10-man Porto in extra time, as Federico Chiesa's tournaments were shattered due to a foul in a free kick.

Bianconeri lost the first stage 2: 1 in Portugal, so they needed at least a 1: 0 victory to advance from the 16th round. Danilo was suspended, Paulo Dybala was infected, Covid virus was infected by Rodrigo Bentancur and also Matisse de Ligt. About 100 percent. Arthur returned in his debut in seven games, but Porto came out with the same team that won the first stage.

Alvaro Morata was able to stop him with a header just three minutes after Juan Cuadrad's center, but Wojciech Chesney had to step out of his line to suffocate at Musa Mareg's feet, then Mahdi Tarimi's head bounced off the crossbar after Cuadrad's slide.

Cuadrado seemed to be hurting himself on this turn and must have his right thigh tied.

After a short tussle with the defender, Tarimi finally tucked the ball home. Sergio Oliveira converted a penalty kick and led the night to Porto 1: 0, a total of 3: 1.

Porto continued to fire from outside the penalty area, while Morata hit center from Cuadrad and found Agustin Marchesen rushing off the field.

Juventus eventually entered the match with the same man who scored in the first stage. Ronaldo dropped Leonardo Bonucci's ball over the ball and Kiza thrust it into the upper corner of his right shoe from a difficult angle.

A moment later, Taremi got a foul on Chiesa and two minutes later the attacker did something incredibly stupid and after a foul kicked the ball into the auditorium against him. The second yellow card was inevitable and the number of Ports was reduced to 10.

Then Kiza almost scored again and was able to turn Marchesin and was about to go into the empty net when Pepe somehow managed to deflect him and push him up close.

Ronaldo also avoided the header, but Chiesa ended the return with a rare header and reached the back pole to lead Cuadrad in a thrilling cross.

The score was now 3: 3, all divided into goals outside, so I will go into overtime.

Juventus was suddenly completely excited, beating Bonucci and Adrien Rabiot, while Marega had a bad first touch when she was clear in goal.

Ronaldo was surprisingly bad that night and missed a great opportunity to win it with a neat header over a great center from Cuadrad.

Chiesa left Corona in the dust with a strong charge, and Marchenne threw herself into the narrowing of the corner and dodged his chest, then Murata hit the ball in the open air.

Szczesny must also have followed, defeating one of Malang Sarra's cries while Marega was hit by a sidecar after turning Demiral.

Chiesa also went to the rescue, a perfect center for Ronald's header, but Chancellor Mbemba got a decisive touch and set off.

Morata kept the home side in the game with a magnificent save when 91 minutes into the match, but the ball went wide. Cuadrado then cut through one of the defenders and hit an amazingly wavy player, but bounced from the bottom of the bar into the farthest upper corner. He is almost an unforgettable and valuable winner, but the draw went into overtime.

Cuadrado has been booked and will be suspended for the next European match, and Marega hit a weak free header directly at Chesney from Corona's corner routine. Keeza was understandably exhausted and had to pay.

Ronaldo slipped and slithered in the wet grass. His usual rapid runs were nowhere to be seen today.

Diane Kulusevski kept the home side in the game with a magnificent save when Mbemba delivered an almost perfect free kick to the far post.

Morata was supposed to give a better performance when Kulusevski slid back to the edge of the area, but fired directly into the arms of the goalkeeper.

Instead, Porto returned to a score of 2: 2 and progressed aggregately as Sergio Oliveira's free kick passed under the wall and over Rabiot's legs, jumping at exactly the wrong time and letting Chesney blind go to the nearby bottom corner.

It's not over yet, because Rabiot netted moments in the headers with a score of 4: 4, in total, and headed outside the goal.

Matthijs de Ligt received a penalty attack, but the action seemed clear and Rabiot sprinted over the bar.

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