Checkout the wise words Laycon used on Erica and see how Erica's bestie/manager reacted to it(VIDEO)


Recall that, during the Big Brother show, Erica was Laycon's love interest until everything went sideways when she chose Kiddwaya over Laycon. Laycon, who used to be Erica's friend became a total enemy and was part of the reason for Erica's disqualification.

Till this day, Erica and Laycon don't see eye to eye on anything, let alone exchange pleasantries. But Laycon still claims that, he still has feelings for Erica, no matter what she did to him or the abuses she laid on him.

In an interview with pulse TV yesterday, the OAP(On Air personality) asked him, "if you could tell Erica one thing right now, what would it be?" Laycon answered with a collection of wise words instead of one thing. He told Erica that, "she is strong, powerful, amazing, wonderful and that, she is meant to evolve and grow. He also wished her the very best".

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Few hours later, Erica's bestie/manager made a tweet about Laycon's interview, on his Twitter account. He said that, "They are in the same group chat. He has never said a word to her and he has her number. And now he’s coming live on tv to say all that. Do not fall for his PR stunt. Manipulative as ever people".

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Do you think Laycon said those words to get people's attention and not because he still have feelings for Erica?

Do you think that Laycon's feelings for Erica had depreciated or increased after seeing her at Dorathy's birthday party?

Do you think Erica will ever leave Kiddwaya for Laycon?

Let's hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section..

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