If You Urinate More Than 6 Times A Day, Go to Hospital to Test These Diseases


According to biology, a normal healthy person should go for a short-call six times or less in a aingle day under normal circumstances. That is the standard number of times that indicates a person is health.

If you find you are urinating more than 6 times a day, you may be suffering from a serious disease that requires immediate treatment or else your life can be in danger if you go for testing when the illness has already become worse.

Ok it has been studied and confirmed that most of the diseases associated with frequent urination are Diabetes, STDs, Kidney stones, failed bladder and Chronic Kindney diseases.

All these diseases are fatal and can kill a patient within a short time if immediate medication is not taken.

So frequent urination should not be taken as something ordinary unless if you have taken like for example excess water or tea in that particular day.

If you have taken too much drinks, it may not be a big deal to urinate more frequently but in the normal setting where you only take like one cup of tea in the morning, you are not supposed to go for a short-call more than six times in a single day.

Scientific study has shown that the average time a person should go for a short call in a single day is 4 to 5 days.

If you exceed this average then tou should go for testing of the above mentioned infections to find out whether or not you are sick.

SOURCE GOOGLE (Heathdiaries)

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