South African Prophet foresaw death of Zim icon Zex Manatsa

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One of the finest icon to have come out of the land of Zimbabwe, talking about a man who unified the whole nation of Zimbabwe through music the man who made an impact in the Zimbabwe music scene. Talking about the man who raised a generation of artistic sons and daughters, talking about a man who stayed out of controversy in his entire music career none other than, Zex Manatsa has sadly passed away today.

The passing away of the musician was Prophesied by the famous Prophet who is well for coffin prophecies Mellontik Orasi, born Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi from Gutu this Prophet misses no prophecy from personal to international prophecies.

The youthful prophet prophesied last year that a yesteryear artist who is so loved by the people of Zimbabwe ,foresaw the death of Zex Manatsa ,who passed away in the month of January which happened today as the elderly musician passed away on the 20th of January, this is not the first time that the prophet have made accurate prophecies last year prophesied deaths of six actors from South Africa ,who passed away he also prophesied about TB Joshua's death ,and also prophesied about the death of the president of Tanzania ,indeed this man can see in the spirit and may God increase him and had his eyes you can follow his profile and see more about him on Facebook.

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