Woman Breaks The Internet With Photos Of Her Husband In A Unique Attire


Abigael Mulama birthday message to her husband has attracted a lot of online users after she shared his photo in an unpopular attire.

Mulama participated in the simplicity challenge hashtag by sharing photos that have send Facebook in a storm.

"Happy birthday to my husband" stated Mulama.

Several Kenyans in the comment section shared their divergent opinions concerning the dress code especially for the husband.

Kuka Ashibila one of the Kenyans on Facebook was not pleased with the attire.

Other members found the picture hilarious as they left laughing emojis under the comment section.

The simplicity challenge is a tag on Facebook where participants are allowed to share some of their most simple but beautiful photos.

It has attracted several Facebook users from allover the county with women leading the men in the number of pictures shared.

We will keep on following this tag for more updates as they come in .

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