A Man Cries As He Narrates How Agradaa Took Over 25K From Him Without Giving Him Sika Gari Money


A man whose identity is not yet known has shared his bizarre story of how Okomfuo, otherwise known as Nana Agradaa had 'Scammed' him over 25million in the name of seeking for Sika Gari Money.

The man who spoke in an interview with Maame Ngege on Official Safo YouTube Tv channel said, when he visited Okomfuo Agradaa's place for the Sika Gari, even before he could see her, he was asked to pay 2million so he could be given oil.

Maame Ngege

However, because he was determined to seek the money, he paid and was given the oil. He was asked to go and use the oil to bath for three days and after he had done that, he should come back for the spiritual money and that no other bad spirit would be able to harm or kill him.

After he was given the oil, he went to see Nana Agradaa and she told him before he could have the spiritual Sika Gari money, he had to pay 40million.

The man who narrated his sad story said, he only had 20million on him and had even borrowed before he was able to raise that. He paid the money he had brought and was told to go home, comply with the directives and come back in three days time for the Sika Gari but must come with the rest of the money left.

According to him, he visited Agradaa on Wednesday and on Friday went back to her shrine trying to go for his spiritual money as promised. He went and was insisted to pay the rest of the 20million left.

Nana Agradaa

He said he had only brought 5million and had no money again. Nana Agradaa took the 5million he had brought on the said Friday in addition and told him if he does not pay the rest of the money he would not get his Sika Gari money.

She instructed his body guards to push and drive him away without getting either his money back or the Sika Gari Money.

Listen as he tells his story:

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