TBT Photo Of Martha Karua, CJ Koome And Lawyer Ahmednassir In Law School Elicits Mixed Reactions

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Azimio La Umoja One coalition running mate Martha Karua who is also the Narc Kenya boss schooled together with Chief Justice Martha Koome and Laywer Ahmednasir Abdullahi in the same law school. Many people in Kenya don't know that Martha Karua is a Laywer by profession and she has vowed to deal perpendicularly with those leaders that have been involved themselves in corruption in Kenya in an event that Azimio will emerge the winner in the upcoming August 9 general elections.

On the other her classmates Martha Koome is the chief justice and she has assured the nation that they are ready to deal with any case that arise after elections and Laywer Ahmednasir Abdullahi is a diehard supporter of Kenya Kwanza alliance leader William Ruto who also seeks to replace Uhuru Kenyatta as the fifth president of the republic of Kenya. Kenyans have expressed mixed reactions to the TBT photo the three influencial leaders. See some of the reactions below;Do you think the three would work together for better Kenya incase Azimio win election? Leave your comments below and kindly follow for more updates.

Source; https://www.facebook.com/1105884899427847/posts/pfbid02Z1S6noVre4i1nZDYq2b8seTMQy48wEKnu9PTokS4oQXshZkvpHW4VZXrEDqndxGQl/?app=fbl

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