The level of Kindness exhibited by Ghanaians in Makola Market to the French Ambassador

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Despite the economic hardship the country is battling all together with the negative indicators shown by our currency due to excess printing of it, the Ghanaian society haven't forgone their tradition of maintaining cordial relationship to foreigners.

Recollected by the French Ambassador Her Excellency Anne Sophie at the popular Ghanaian market in Accra, she recounted how she actually flipped on the floor at the market after returning from a conference meeting and further joining a queue at the Makola Market afterwards.

She indicated that, even though it wasn't the fault of the people, they assisted her while comforting her and to the extent of bringing her chair to rest.

She told Ghanaian news presenter Kafui Dey how this events would not happen as that in France where crowd of people will have to comfort you for falling.

Her Excellency Anne Sophie has been on the Ghanaian media news headline for her active participation on several occasions.

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