Simi is 33 Years Today, Check Out the Sultry Photos, She Shared as She Celebrates her Birthday


Simi is one of the highly prolific singers in the music industry. She has already established herself as one of the best and biggest singers in the music industry currently. Her angelic voice as most of her fans claim has gained her the love and attractive of a lot of people.

But in this article, I am going to show some of the lovely photos Simi just shared as she celebrates her new age. She shared lovely photos of herself and said this

She said "Oh My God!!!!!

I'm the most blessed, most special, most loved, God loves me so much, I cry about it sometimes.

I'm so grateful and happy for my life and my joy and my blessings. For my husband and my daughter and my mother and my siblings and my friends and my music and my fans. Thank you Jesus, you are my rock and my life.

PS I am going to get lit today, I am going to get lit today!!!! So help me God".

If you are one of her very prominent fans you will know that singer Simi has always been so excited for this time as she has been putting this particular hashtag "Simi19" in almost all her post. The hashtag shows that the today is her birthday and no other way to celebrate it than to look beautiful.

Here are the photos she shared.

She mentioned people who she is very thankful to God for. Two of which is her husband and her daughter. If you could recall, Simi got married back in 2019 and had her daughter in 2020.

Here are photos of these two important people.


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