This is not a car dealers shop in Dubai it is Aliko Dangote 1.3 Billion Naira Car collection.

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They are a lot of wealthy individuals in they world ranging from influential politicians to business men and wealthy royals who spend millions ranging into billions annually to buy and acquire expensive items for themselves and their families.

Africa's richest man Mr. Aliko Dangote owns an impressive car collection worth millions of dollars all to his name.

Let's look at some of his luxurious and expensive cars.

Africa's richest man has great taste for cars has he owns a 760 million naira Bugatti Veyron.

And the African billionaire drives a 380 million naira Maybach 57s knight luxury.

He also owns a Bentley Mulsanne worth a 111 million naira.

The African billionaire also has a 79 million naira Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG in his Garage.

He is Africa's richest man with a net worth of 12 billion dollars and buying all those luxurious cars is not a big deal to him, and also owns a 5 billion naira mansion in Abuja.

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